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Integral Intervention Project of the historical core of Olesa de Montserrat


Josep M. Vilanova

Nydia Tremoleda

Teresa Pazos

The Integral Intervention Project of the historical core of Olesa de Montserrat was benefited from the 2008 call for grants to improve districts, urban areas and villages that require special attention. This project was the continuation of the integral revitalization works the city hall had developed in the oldest urban area of the city. The aim was to restore the central role this area used to enjoy and improve the quality of life of its citizens. In other words, it happened to be a social, cultural, economical and urban renovation.

The insufficiencies detected in the historical core of Olesa de Montserrat were: inadequate habitability of the buildings; aging population being replaced by new economic immigration; loss of economical activity due to the progressive decentralization of the historical core in relation to the commercial fabric of the city, and the need to upgrade the infrastructures and facilities. The project proposed a series of concrete measures for the following four years, which can be divided into four key strategies:

  1. To build new facilities in Cal Rapissa and Cal Puigjaner districts, in order to improve the services to the citizens and support new activities in the mid-upper urban area.
  2. To upgrading the accessibility and mobility in the historical core, expanding what it has already been done in public spaces in the last years and incorporating it in a global mobility plan.
  3. To execute environmental measures, like the canalization of the Can Carreras stream, as well as other actions focused on getting better efficiency and use of public and private resources.
  4. The renovation and restoration of private buildings, with special interest in those cases that particularly concern the quality of life of the residents.
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