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Metropolitan Park in the South Manzanares area


Rosa Barba

Ricard Pié

Anna Zahonero

The first objective of the Design Criteria for a Metropolitan park in the area of South Manzanares, in Madrid, was to give social value to a large area (2,000 ha), culturally not very appreciated due to its natural features and the process of decline of some of its parts.

In order to turn this territory into a metropolitan park it was necessary to claim their natural values, which did not meet accepted social patterns- or its strategic value, but also to convince people of its high landscape value. This was the only way to produce a draft able to join the ecological and environmental landscape conditions. The social goal of this space was teaching people how to look at it. To this end, it was initially intended to build a network of routes along the paths of the Manzanares River, the Gavia stream and the historic roads network that cross it. Secondly, it was necessary to treat them as scenic tours of observation and interpretation of the place. According to this strategy, the design criteria of the park went through the management of different parts of the area in terms of how they related to the particularities of each corner within the roundness of the framework. This plan was accompanied by some considerations on the design of major infrastructures. On the one hand, as paths and scenic lookouts in the park, and on the other hand, as elements to be integrated into it.

Landscape and environmental sequence of the river
Landscape architecture