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Plan territorial sectorial de vivienda de Cataluña

2006 - 2010

Josep M. Vilanova
Ricard Pié
Directores del proyecto

Elisabet Amat
Jordi Francesch
Maria Lluïsa Marsal

Vicenç Casals
Carles Serra
Joan Dídac Soler
Míriam Zaar
Andrea Alcaraz
Belén Álvarez
Mariona Blasi
Sílvia Bosch
Héctor González
Esther Millán
Núria Motjé
Anna de Torróntegui

Romà Miró
Ramon Figueras

The Plan provides a guiding framework for implementation throughout the territory of Catalonia with the policies established by law the right to housing. 
Housing as a social right, as formulated in Article 31 of the European Social Charter (revised) of 1996, and is specific to the area of Catalonia in the law the right to housing 2008. 
Needs and actions in the 2007-2016 National Pact signed by all social and economic agents which are part of the housing policies of the Generalitat of Catalonia. 
It assesses the social housing needs by specific groups (youth, elderly, people at risk of exclusion and poorly housed population) and provides actions to address these needs, with new houses, with mobilization of vacant homes and aid economic to facilitate access to housing or lose it. It also quantifies the objectives of the rehabilitation of buildings and homes with environmental improvement goals and better accessibility. 

Ordenación del territorio
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